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Enjoy your life in Bulgaria but occasionally miss the odd ‘comfort food’ from home? Sometimes get the morning urge for a decent British Breakfast with lean smoked back bacon, crispy pork sausages and beans? Or a steak and kidney pie with real chip-shop mushy peas and smothered in Bisto gravy? Perhaps something more exotic like a Chicken Tikka Massala with naan bread? Then you have come to the right place! A store of British foodstuffs and beverages in the region of Balchik with regular deliveries throughout Bulgaria and Romania!

Water – The Fount of Life

Pure, clear water. There is nothing quite like it for quenching the thirst and revitalising the spirit. It is essential for life in all living things and most human beings do not drink enough of it. It used to be thought that feeling thirsty was a sign of dehydration and that by feeling thirsty the individual had not had sufficient fluid intake. However, this theory has recently been dispelled and sensible drinking is now being recommended by those in the know. The sight of someone jogging by clutching a bottle of water is so common nowadays that no-one takes any … Continue reading “Water – The Fount of Life”

Sweet Beginnings

Remember sherbet fountains? Who can forget the tingling zest of sherbet on the tongue? That little bit of liquorice which, when sucked upon, transported sherbet into the mouth and onto the back of the throat? That coughing fit which ensued? Oh, the delights of the sweets of childhood. How boring the sweets of today are in comparison. The days of the penny chew, liquorice bootlaces, Black Jacks and gobstoppers. The days of four for a penny – and an old penny at that! True value for money. The excitement of Saturday morning pictures with three pence to spend on sweets … Continue reading “Sweet Beginnings”