Best Equipment for the Best Job


 Cookery is enjoying an amazing revival as the increase in television
 programmes, magazines, books and internet sites stand testament to.
 Kitchens all over the country

are full of gleaming new gadgets just
 waiting to be used to whip up that unforgettable culinary offering. The
 best way of ensuring success in the kitchen is to use the correct piece of
 equipment for the job in hand.

 A food processor can take all the hard work and effort out of preparing
 food. Think of coleslaw, for instance. Imagine how long it would take to
 chop and shred cabbage, onion and carrot enough by hand.
 By using the correct attachment on a food processor the job is done in no
 time at all and looks all the better for it.

 Making ice cream is a time-consuming process and, although it tastes
 delicious and far superior to any shop-bought variety, many will baulk at
 making it from scratch at home. This is simply and easily achieved by
 means of an electric ice cream maker. No more taking the mix out of the
 freezer, stirring it and returning it to freeze when the machine does it
 all by itself.

 Most modern kitchens have hand mixers and blenders. Cooks of today wonder
 how our forebears managed without these little items of sheer genius. With
 a hand mixer there is no more beating cake batter by hand to introduce
 air. One of these beauties does it in no time at all and gives a far
 better result. Hand blenders can be used for just about anything and, with
 the right attachment, can even chop nuts and make breadcrumbs.

 Many of the big free-standing mixers come with extra attachments which
 make food preparation so much easier and which encourage cooks to
 experiment and try something different. A mincing machine is ideal for
 mincing up cold meat to make traditional shepherd`s pie. It can also be
 used to mince pork for sausages and there are even gadgets to stuff the
 sausage. There are other labour-saving devices like potato peelers and
 chippers which take the hard work out of making chips.

 It is as important to use the right equipment for the job as it is
 important to use the right knife in food preparation. This will always
 ensure the best result and reduce time and energy spent on the task.


Taking time to choose which device is most suitable before buying is essential. So often machines are pushed to the back of a cupboard unused and forgotten. For the very best in kitchen supplies contact CS Catering Equipment who stock an extensive range of kitchen equipment.


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