Sweet Beginnings


Remember sherbet fountains? Who can forget the tingling zest of sherbet on the tongue? That little bit of liquorice which, when sucked upon, transported sherbet into the mouth and onto the back of the throat? That coughing fit which ensued?

Oh, the delights of the sweets of childhood. How boring the sweets of today are in comparison.

The days of the penny chew, liquorice bootlaces, Black Jacks and gobstoppers. The days of four for a penny – and an old penny at that! True value for money.

The excitement of Saturday morning pictures with three pence to spend on sweets which seemed to buy an enormous quantity of sweets for very little.

Making it seem even better by buying an ounce of sherbet pips or Tom Thumb drops, all in their lovely colours which screamed eat me! Eat me!

Love Hearts were always popular and those with particularly pertinent messages were saved to give to the object of childish desire in the playground. How many childhood romances started with that simple gesture?

Remember flying saucers? That lovely wafery cover which stuck to the roof of the mouth and dissolved to allow the sherbet to flood out?

And milk bottles and aniseed twists? Sherbet lemons which made the tongue sore if too many were eaten and Moondust which fizzled and crackled on the tongue?

There were fruit salads covered in wax paper which always stuck to the chew, especially if they were warm and sticky from being in a pocket for too long.

And there are sweet cigarettes, of course. Called names like `candy sticks` today to distance them from the real thing. The children of yesteryear used to pretend to puff away on these, thinking of nothing but the lovely flavour and texture of the sweet. Smoking did not come into the equation!

In those days, when life seemed so much simpler, there were was a vast choice of sweets on the market to tempt children.

The important thing was value for money and getting as much for a penny – and an OLD penny too – as possible.

An entire generation of children grew up looking forward to pocket money day so they could run down to the local shop and spend, spend, spend to their heart`s content.

There is a little bit of the child left in everyone and how better to bring this out than with the sweets of yesteryear? With retro sweets for sale the choice is endless, so indulge and enjoy those sweet memories!



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