Water - The Fount of Life


Pure, clear water. There is nothing quite like it for quenching the thirst and revitalising the spirit. It is essential for life in all living things and most human beings do not drink enough of it.

It used to be thought that feeling thirsty was a sign of dehydration and that by feeling thirsty the individual had not had sufficient fluid intake. However, this theory has recently been dispelled and sensible drinking is now being recommended by those in the know. The sight of someone jogging by clutching a bottle of water is so common nowadays that no-one takes any notice of it.

Better education has certainly brought the benefits of drinking plain water into the public domain and sugary pop should never be consumed to quench thirst. Water is absolutely the best fluid anyone could drink. It is pure and contains calcium and other trace elements essential to the human body.

It is fine to drink tap water although the flavour of it is sometimes tainted from the addition of chlorine by the supplying water companies and this makes for an unpleasant drink. Spring water is available from natural sources all over the country including Malvern, Buxton and the Cotswold Hills and is the product of thousands of years of natural processes.

Rain falls onto the land and sinks through the soil where it filters through porous rock picking up various minerals beneficial to human health. Composition of natural water from different parts of the country does vary depending upon the land through which it has filtered. But one thing is certain, no matter where it hails from it is pure and natural.

The benefits of water are recognised today by employers who install water machines in the workplace for their employees. A glass of cold, pure water aids concentration and refreshes anyone feeling tired and jaded. Productivity is noticeably improved when a water cooler is present for all to use.

Many businesses ranging from hairdressers to doctors` surgeries will have a water cooler in a prominent position for the use of their visitors. This is an especially important addition in the hot weather when people can feel dizzy and lightheaded. A glass of water has restorative powers and will aid re-hydration quicker than any sugary carbonated drink.

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